Clemco Apollo 600 Helmet

The Apollo 60 HP/LP is a Type CE continuous-flow, supplied-air respirator for abrasive blasting, to be used with compressed air systems and ambient air pumps. The high visibility red helmet meets ANSI standards for impact protection and OSHA standards for respiratory protection and noise limitations. The Apollo 60’s full-helmet design protects the blast operator’s head from rebounding abrasive and from construction site impact hazards.

The heavy-duty waist-length cape protects the operator’s neck, shoulders, and chest from rebounding abrasive.


  • Wide, full-view window
  • Lightweight construction
  • Nylon carrying strap
  • Heavy-duty waist-length cape protects the operator’s neck, shoulders and chest from rebounding abrasives
  • Allows operator to wear supplementary hearing & primary eye protection


SODA B5Apollo 600 Helmet Manual (PDF)

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