Water Blaster

Portable Battery Cleaning System

1. Portable Heavy Structural Frame With Fork Lift Points
2. Main Containment Fabricated With 304 Stainless Steel
3. Two Fold Down Operator Platforms
4. Dual Filtration With Felt Filter Bags
5. Three (3) Low Pressure Pumps

  • Wash Pit To #1 Filter Containment Drum
  • #1 Drum To #2 Filter Containment Drum
  • From #2 Drum, Filtered Water For Rinse

6. 700 Psi High Pressure Cleaning Pump With Hand Held Nozzle
7. Fresh Water Tank For High Pressure Cleaning
8. GFI Electrical Protection
9. Individual Pump Switches With Pilot Light Indicators
10. Treated 4 X 4 Support Runners
11. Polyethylene Strip Protectors
12. Rear Work Door Positive Latch
13. PVC & Brass Valves For Controls And Draining

Inside Containment Area

Fresh Water/ High Pressure Pump

Low Pressure Pumps