Clean Bench

Clean Bench

**Keep your work environment clean with this self contained clean bench.  Clean parts inside cabinet without getting dust and debris on shop floor. **

Technical Information

Typical Bench

Model CB4830-2, 14 Gauge Steel

Overall Dimensions:
Front To Back (30″), Across The Front (74″), Height 78″

Table Size:
Front To Back (30″), Across Front (48″)

Down Draft Opening:
24″ X 24″ Centered On Table, With #9, Expanded Metal.

1 Hp, TEFC, 115 Volts, 60 Hz. (or As Model Number)

Dust Collector:
Single 13″ X 36″ Filter Cartridge, 240 Sq Ft Of Pleated, 80/20 Blend Of Filter Material With Bottom Dust Containment Drawer.

Exhaust Silencer:
The Exhaust Area Lined With Sound Abatement Material.

    Lights & Controls:

1 . Two (2) LED Fixtures, 40 Watts
2. Controls: 115 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz An 8 Ft Power Cord Is  Provided For Electrical Connection
3. Switches: One (1) Switch, Controls Both Lights & Motor.

    Lights & Controls:
Located On The Top Panel, Visible And Accessible To The Operator

Blower & Motor:
Enclosed In Sound Abated Chamber

Optional HEPA Filter:
An Industrial HEPA Filter Is Provided And Located On The Exhaust Fan Outlet. (This HEPA Provides Additional Sound Abatement.)

Optional Plexiglass Screen:
As An Option A 24″ X 48″ Plexiglass Can Be Provided For Additional Operator Protection.

  Optional Filter Cleaner: 
As An Option A Reverse Air Device Can Be Provided.

Dimensions And Specifications

**View larger screen to see Data Tables**

Standard Models DownDraft Work Area Work Area Velocity Fan Motor Dust Collector
 CB-4830-1  12″ X 12″  400 Ft/Min  1/2 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100
 CB-4830-2  24″ X 24″  175 Ft/Min  1 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100
 CB-4830-3  12″ X 24″  350 Ft/Min  1 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100
 CB-6030-1  12″ X 12″  400 Ft/Min   1/2 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100
 CB-6030-2   24″ X 24″  175 Ft/Min  1 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100
  CB-6030-3   12″ X 24″  350 Ft/Min  1 Hp 120V 60 Hz  BIA C100

Overall Equipment Dimensions With Dust Collector

**View larger screen to see Data Tables**

Model Bench Width Overall Width Bench + DC Depth Height
 CB-4830-1/2/3  48″  78″  30″  92″
 CB-6030-1/2/3  60″ 90″  30″  92″