Standard Contractor Pot

Pressure Pots

Each abrasive blasting system features efficient piping designed to provide low pressure drop. For each drop in pressure of just 1 psi at the blast nozzle, a blasting system loses 1 1/2% in productivity, so minimizing pressure drop is important. The systems are low maintenance for reduced downtime. They’re designed with a low profile for easier filling and ample wheel clearance for greater stability when the system is in use.

  • Portable
  • Pneumatic Remote Controls
  • ComboValve & MicroValve
  • 50′ Twinline Control Hose
  • Deadman Control
  1.  ASME Coded Pressure Vessel
  2. 50 Ft Bi-line Control
  3. Pneumatic Deadman
  4. 50 Ft 1″ Blast Hose With Fittings
  5. Tungsten Carbide Blast Nozzle (5/16) Std
  6. Bullard 88 Respirator
  7. Inline Operator Air Filter
  8. 25 Ft Starter Hose Fit
  9. Extra Outer Lens (10)