CO Monitors

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

RPB GX4 Gas Monitor

Connect to the GX4 from your laptop, tablet, phone or network to view real time data, download logs, or air quality reports. Illuminated display shows real time gas levels. 103DBA alarm. Complete quick and easy calibration checks with no set points required. Sturdy mounting bracket. Gas sensor cartridges can be easily removed and replaced. Strong nylon ABS case that will handle harsh conditions. Push-release air inlet. Robust power inlet. Auxilliary connection. Pre-calibrated sensors available include include CO, O2 and H2S – all have a two year shelf life.

Portable Carbon Monoxide Airline Monitor

This portable airline monitor connects easily to a breathing air filtration source or ambient air pumps and monitors the air for CO content.  The audible alarm (90dbA) and light will activate when the CO level exceeds 10ppm (5ppm Canadian).  External alarm and lights allow for the unit to be used in the closed position and eliminates damage and contamination of the internal components.

Fortress Respiratory Protector

The Fortress Respiratory Protector can process up to 50 CFM of air through a four stage filtration system. Stage One and Two remove moisture, oil mist and particulates. Stage Three removes odors through an activated charcoal bed and Stage Four converts small amounts of Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide through patented technology. A built-in Carbon Monoxide monitor, powered by multiple sources, samples the air for residual CO and will alarm if the volume exceeds allowable levels. The durable, plastic, safety orange enclosure provides portability or mounting capability and protects the components from the elements.